Our vision

We believe that accomplishing a successful match goes much further than bringing together a CV and a job. In addition to a candidate's talents and experience, his or her personality, motivation and development potential also play an important part. Does the person fit in with the company culture, does he or she contribute the right competencies and experience, and is this person an asset to the team? Does the manager we are looking for have a management style that suits the organisation, and is he or she able to demonstrate leadership? Of course we also consider a person's professional knowledge. That is why Novicum strives to establish long-term relationships with both clients and candidates.

At times when the economy is not so strong we would also like to help you solve your staff issues. We assume that not every employee needs the same guidance towards a different post. Instead of a standard outplacement procedure we therefore offer a customised programme: personal and based on the needs of the employee(s).

Novicum's Consultants have many years of experience in the corporate sector, in small, medium-sized and large organisations, for-profit and non-profit, they have a large network in their discipline and are excellent judges of character. All our consultants are self-employed, which means that we will go the extra mile for our clients. We are characterised by our shared vision on our discipline and the values and standards we apply. By combining our strengths we are able to achieve optimum results for our clients.

That is why we are able to say that Novicum is a full service expert in the inflow, through-flow and outflow of people in organisations, and a true consultation partner for its clients and candidates, and it has been so since 1991.

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